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21 May 2024

Water in crisis – searching for solutions

With too much, too little or too toxic water the world is facing a water crisis. We explore key issues and challenges before highlighting some of the companies promoting better water management.
17 April 2024

In search of sustainability – following Highway 101

Travelling down the US west coast we met 25 companies in five days. Learn more about the tech and healthcare businesses shaping our future.
22 March 2024

Japan: we’re more convinced than ever

Investors are increasingly turning their attention to Japan. We spent two weeks there and met dozens of companies. But which businesses look best placed?
29 February 2024

Unknown pleasures: A new era for equity investors #3

Portfolio positioning
Read time - 2 mins
28 February 2024

Unknown pleasures: A new era for equity investors #2

The shape of the new economy – from inflation and growth to government debt and equity valuations.
Read time - 2 mins
27 February 2024

Unknown pleasures: A new era for equity investors #1

How we got where we are.
Read time - 2 mins
11 January 2024

Welcome back the dividend champions!

'Big Tech' received a lot of attention in 2023, but we don’t believe it’s the only sector with attractive investment ideas offering the desired capital return characteristics.
Read time - 2 mins
12 September 2023

Pauline Grange

Portfolio Manager

Things will never be the same: the potential for AI to reshape the world

We look at the potential for AI to transform society and the economic ramifications of a post-AI world
Read time - 2 mins
21 August 2023

Doing it by the book: our summer reading lists

We asked the Global Equities team what books they have been devouring this summer and, as ever, it’s an eclectic collection with something for everyone. How many have you read?
Read time - 2 mins
20 July 2023

Harry Waight

Portfolio Manager

Play the AI boom through chips and shovels

Artificial Intelligence is set to be among the defining technologies of the next decade. What’s the best way to tap-into this theme from an investment perspective?
Read time - 5 mins
30 March 2022

3D vision: why decarbonisation, defence and deglobalisation are here to stay

Natasha Ebtehadj looks at three themes that will likely endure following the events of the past month in Ukraine
Read time - 4 min
1 March 2021

Pauline Grange interview: sustainability and investing

Global equities portfolio manager Pauline Grange talks about sustainability, her approach to investing and how she goes about identifying companies.
Read time - 1 min

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